How Fast Can a Jon Boat Go?

I just wanna go fast… Wanna know how to make your jon boat faster? Well we’ve covered that and more in this article. A jon boat can typically go 15 to 25 mph. If you want to know how fast can a jon boat go, consider some of the tips below, and find out for … Read more

Gheenoe vs Jon Boat Review

In my shallow water jon boat searching I kept seeing gheenoe pop up. I really didnt know what a gheenoe was, or even how to say it, now I know it’s GEE-NEW. I saw people were comparing them to jon boats so I figured there must be more to them. Turns out, a gheenoe is … Read more

The Best Jack Plate for a Jon Boat

I was thinking about how they run jon boats in such skinny water for duck hunting and inshore fishing. I see the mud motors ripping through the swamps and boats running in only inches of water, but how? I started looking around and landed on jack plates. What is a jack plate for a boat? … Read more